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Make it even easier to catch your reader’s attention in Confluence!

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Highlight your content with user-friendly formatting macros

Increase your Confluence adoption by using beautiful and intuitive content formatting macros. Use Cards to build clear overview pages and bring more structure to your Confluence pages. In combination with Panels you can make pages more legible and highlight important information. Cards & Panels is designed to be used by all users without any explanation. Just insert the macro and start typing.

Key benefits

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UX/ UI Optimization for Confluence

A good UX is important to provide the reader with all the relevant information and to encourage him to engage with the page. With our app, there’s no more excuse why your Confluence page looks like a lead desert!

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Time saving

By highlighting information and making it easy for users to navigate through your pages, they will quickly find all relevant information. This way you can save a lot of time in your daily work.

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Easy to configure

Cards and Panels macros are intuitively designed and can be used by all Confluence users without any training. You can easily choose between different layouts and colors.

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Believe in partners

We trust our partners and we are a long-standing Atlassian partner. Besides our team and our customers we value our partnerships the most.

Pimp your Confluence with Cards & Panels

Create impressive Confluence Pages by highlighting information with Panels and catch your readers attention with Cards. Our macros gives you the possibility to format your text to ensure more structured and easy to read Confluence pages.

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Structuring your confluence page with cards

A well structured page in confluence is a great way to make it easy for users to consume your content. Our Confluence App Cards and Panels includes nice formatting macros that allows you to beautify your confluence pages with just 3 clicks.

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Simplify Navigation with cards

With the Cards macro you can build unique CTAs that take the user directly to the info they are looking for. By linking cards you can quickly provide your team with information that is needed often or avoid that important information is not overlooked or not even found in the first place.

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Highlight important information with panels

Panels are designed to highlight information and make your Confluence pages stand out. The macro is used to format your text in a colored panel.

Create easy and fun to read Confluence pages

Bring more interaction and visuality to your Confluence pages. Cards & Panels allow you to optimize your confluence pages and make it more reader friendly.

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