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From Confluence pages to emails with just a few clicks!

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Send Confluence pages and blogs via email

What if we told you that you could email entire Confluence pages as newsletters, meeting notes, or important company announcements? Confluence is a team workspace where knowledge and collaboration come together. It's a perfect place to spark conversations, where teams can proudly share successes, important decisions, and get instant feedback. Everything from business plan documents to welcome blogs to campaign strategies are published on Confluence. To give all this hard work more recognition and visibility we created the app Email this Page. Why create separate emails and newsletters when you can share content you already have in Confluence? The Email this Page app adds an option to all Confluence pages with a short dialog to send the entire page content, instead of just a link.

Key benefits

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Multiple options to select recipients

The app “Email this Page” is not only available for Confluence users. With multiple options to select recipients, you can send pages to Confluence users and external people. Easily select recipients by email address or by username. You can even enter additional addresses or add groups as recipients.

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Add page attachments and breadcrumbs

Good, quality content needs to be backed up with thorough research, documents, and sources. You can add all these attachments and photos to your Confluence pages and send them through our app, too. Add page breadcrumbs as well. This feature is enabled by default.

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Keep your Confluence pages intact

The Email this page app supports the mobile and desktop versions of Outlook, Apple, and Gmail. This means that your text style and formatting, bullets and numbers, tables, layouts, panels, and more are saved in emails. Only third-party macros are not supported.

You are only four steps away from sharing your content

Email this page is easy to configure with just a few steps. After server configuration you can set permissions and security rules, select and manage recipients and you are ready to send these emails.

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