Bring something important to users attention with the powerful Image Editor for Jira icon

Image Editor (Paint for Jira)

Bring something important to users attention with the powerful Image Editor for Jira

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About Image Editor (Paint for Jira)

Read the user story, and everyone will listen, show screenshots and conversation will start

Image Editor for Jira helps your QA team easily report a bug and edit it within Jira. Get your internal team and clients to mark bugs and UI issues. Workin with Image Editor is like drawing with a marker on your screen. This Caelor app makes it as easy as possible for you to explain any type of issue. It also helps marketing and design teams to discuss about design elements for campaigns. Just take a screenshot or upload an image and add your annotations directly on the image with Image Editor. Those of you who know paint will love this app.

Key benefits

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Edit images directly in Confluence

Now you can edit images directly in Confluence, instead of having to open them in a separate app and then upload them. This way you can quickly add a note or markup on a screenshot, add filters, or create fun images for your team.

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Easy bug reporting

The must-have app for all QA teams: with Image Editor you can note your feedback directly on screenshots and can efficiently point out problems. Clear bug communication saves QA and development teams time.

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Quick tuning of graphics

Design teams will love this app. You can finally discuss mockups and prototypes directly in Confluence. Other team members or departments can give feedback directly through Image Editor and note your suggestions on the mockUps.

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Luka Mišković

”We are using it in our company, great app and very easy to use!”

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Make great user stories in Jira

Visuality is everything! Not only customers love good visuals, but also your colleagues. With Image Editor you can make notes on images, comment on prototypes, share and edit images and use screenshots with comments for bug reporting.

Improve your feedback loops through visuals

Use Image Editor for Jira now and improve your QA and Design process.

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