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Pimp your Confluence page with unique formatting macros!

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ABOUT Macro suite

Our brain processes visual information best - that’s a fact.

Any information absorbed through visualization is remembered more clearly. Text has its place, but there is always room for visuals too. MacroSuite brings new formatting macros for Confluence Cloud. This app gives you the ability to create more interesting, and engaging content.

Key benefits

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Great visual presentation of information

The visualization of information improves the UX and thus ensures engaging Confluence pages. This makes it easier for users to find and remember relevant information.

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Easy navigation through Confluence

With macros like buttons or tabs you can easily navigate the user through your Confluence page and provide important information directly. This prevents long user journeys.

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Easy to use

All macros included in our app MacroSuite can be used by all Confluence users without any training. You can easily choose the macro you need and use it in different layouts and colors.

Get the best out of your Confluence pages with MacroSuite

With MacroSuite you can create user stories and Confluence pages that trigger team calloboration and knowledge sharing. And best of all, with MacroSuite you get all the important formatting macros right at your fingertips in one app.

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Try out to rate your Confluence pages, upload and display multiple images and much more useful features.

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