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ABOUT Advanced Issue Links

Create semantic structures with Advanced Issue Links

As described by Atlassian, JQL is the most powerful and flexible way to search for your issues in Jira. Regardless of your department, you need JQL when working in Jira. Advanced Issue Links lets you use JQL filters and manage your issue links in a user-friendly custom field. The app also allows users to link single or multiple issues based on their preferences. Advanced Issue Links is fully compatible with Jira Service Management.

Key benefits

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Create custom fields

Custom fields allow people to add information specific to your team's needs. Jira issues are made up of fields. You can select any number of fields to appear when creating, editing, or transitioning issues. It is possible to use Advanced Issue Links fields as custom fields in all Jira screens for creating, editing and viewing.

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Build your own JQL filters

A JQL filter provides a powerful sorting possibility. Only issues that match the JQL filter are displayed in the app field. Existing Jira filter options can be used for this field. To ensure the JQL filter is created correctly, users have a green or red tick to indicate whether the field is valid or not.

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Synchronise issue links

Synchronise issue links with native Jira fields. If enabled, select the link type that the custom field will be associated with. Then, selecting links via the app creates a native Jira link, while removing links from the app also removes native Jira links. You will see changes in the fields when you refresh the page.

Easier search for linked topics with custom fields

The Advanced Issue Link app provides Jira with a new custom field type that allows users to easily and quickly identify and select issues. You can even let users select issues for which they don’t have browse permissions. In this custom field, the user can create and remove issue links depending on the options selected. In addition, the linked custom problem field can be used in JQL functions. After giving your custom field a name, the app offers two field types - Multiple Issue Picker and Single Issue Picker. Create one field and use it in different projects. You can add a desired JQL filter in the text field and select a screen in which you want the field to appear. Use the view templates option to describe how issues details are displayed.

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vLinks is one of the most popular venITure Data Center apps and we are honoured to continue development for the cloud solution as Advanced Issue Links.

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