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Make your workday easier with To-Do checklists for Jira

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Agile with To Do checklist: Prepare a detailed plan to execute the user story

Agile teams plan, design, and execute their user story and manage their work process and progress. They have a shared product and a shared responsibility because they have a common goal to deliver one shippable product at the end of a Sprint. That’s why a strategic and straightforward plan can help move your team and development process in an organized way. Agile is used differently everywhere because each team customizes it to fit its company use case. ToDo Checklist for Jira helps you to break up large stories, manage the definition of ready, monitor the definition of done stages, list your acceptance criteria and more. Every task has its own checklist set that needs to be marked done before releasing it to the customers.

Why you need Checklists in Jira

Our app To Do Checklist gives you the possibility to specify individual task steps or criteria in Jira without having to create separate subtasks. This makes working in Jira more intuitive and clearer for all users. With our app, we bring Trello into Jira and avoid confusing task delegation and subdivision. Checklists with “Done” criteria can also reduce error rates and create consistent processes.

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Create To Do List

Create an easy and simple checklist with an explanation of what to do to execute the user story. Use the checklist within the Jira issue panel as a reference guide for your team. Make sure a user story is ready before going in a sprint with a Definition of Ready checklist.

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Mention Users

Mention users so that they are aware of their responsibilities during the sprint. Use an option to assign users responsible for the whole section. You have more users responsible for a task? Just select them from the native Jira dropdown.

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Detailed usage history

Follow the progress with the detailed usage history. Use ToDo Checklist tab in the activity section and search entries by summary, username, date and time. Have in mind that unlike creating, editing and managing checklists, only Jira admins can clear history entries.

Why we developed our app with Forge?

Forge is an app development platform designed to revolutionize how Atlassian cloud products are customized, extended, and integrated.

Forge enables building an app in minutes while the platform takes care of security, compute and storage. From testing to deploying, this Functions-as-a-Service platform has DevOps requirements covered.

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Make your workday easier now

You want to know how to avoid misunderstanding and confusions in an agile world full of cloud-based solutions? Then you need to create a strong Definition of Done and clear task delegation. Use To Do Checklist now and improve your working process!

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