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Trophies for Confluence (Gamification)

Set Confluence game on another level with Trophies!

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Improve cooperation and teamwork by bringing more fun to everyday work

While Gamification's concept has mostly been used in customer retention and gaming, we believe that this concept also has its place within team management. We developed a solution that gamifies your Atlassian instances to improve your team's productivity, make it more fun, increase motivation, and encourage team creativity. Our app is based on the concept of gamification. This is an approach that combines game elements with the business environment. Adding gamification to everyday tasks increases excitement and healthy competition. Almost any task in Confluence can be gamified: writing app documentation, brainstorming for new marketing activities, creating quotes for customers, and anything else you do in Confluence. Confluence is a team workspace where knowledge and collaboration meet. Trophies just accelerates that.

Key benefits

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Boost collaboration between colleagues

Make new projects a team effort by assigning inline and side comments and tagging teammates. Award points to those who spread the latest news and keep everyone in the loop.

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Increase knowledge sharing

Give your colleagues a push to create pages, analysis, and guidelines to share their expertise. Make content creation a game to keep employee motivation and satisfaction high.

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Improve Confluence skills

Confluence is a flexible workspace with different templates for everything. Motivate your team members to use different features, create innovative page structures, and streamline their work with new integrations.

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”This is a great tool, interesting to see how it affects the culture of the team”

Orlando Kelly

Review from Atlassian Marketplace

Keep the team spirit high with Trophies for Confluence

Repetitive tasks and those that don't require our full concentration often lead to boredom, unproductivity and eventually lack of interest in work. To prevent your team members from losing motivation to work, keep them engaged with Trophies for Confluence.

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You make the rules of the game!

Define settings for the gamification process. Set the points unit, time zone, and number of rewards per day. You can also manage notifications and participation in the gamification process.

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Everything you need in one view

The dashboard header highlights the most important events for users, such as rankings by day, week and year, recent activity, recent achievements and awards. There is also an overall ranking.

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Award colleagues

Not only the administrator, but also all employees can recognize colleagues and congratulate them on their hard work. Promote team spirit by recognizing the good work of others.

Take your team performance and collaboration to the next level!

Gamification in the work environment can have numerous positive effects, from individual productivity and motivation to overall team improvement and empowerment. Gamify your company and download Trophies for Confluence now.

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