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Make Jira more fun and engaging with Trophies!

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Increase the motivation of your employees by creating healthy competition

We believe that even the most boring tasks can be fun. The use of gamification in business is one of the most popular practices used by innovative managers and business leaders today. Gamification is the combination of a playful approach with business activities. Almost any activity in the daily work routine can be gamified: work of service agents, the tasks of the sales department, onboarding processes or the implementation of new ideas and innovations. The awarding of points as well as the possibility to give “players” access to automatically updating ranking lists sustainably increases employee motivation. This form of healthy competition can be organized in individual teams, projects or in the entire company. With Trophies for Jira, all tasks completed daily in Atlassian tools can be gamified.

Key benefits

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Boost your team’s productivity

Healthy competition within the team drives your employees and motivates them to achieve their best performance. Through gamification, you can easily improve the efficiency of your employees and ensure that they have fun at the same time.

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Make everyday work more fun

By gamifying everyday tasks, work becomes more exciting and more engaging. Even the smallest and most boring tasks can be gamified.

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Improve Jira & Confluence skills

Gamification of various tasks in Jira (such as the ticket creation & finalization, etc.) ensure that users engage more with the Atlassian tools and understand them quickly.

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”This is a great tool, interesting to see how it affects the culture of the team”

Orlando Kelly

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Gamify your company with Trohpies

With gamification, you make routine tasks a bit more enjoyable. This way you can keep employee’s attention and interest while reminding them of what they learned and how to apply it.

Make work fun now!

Your company wants to motivate employee participation, engagement, and collaboration? Then it is time to try the same approach for working with Jira.

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